The Caribbean. It is impossible to showcase ‘The Caribbean’ in a few sentences. Their diversity of cultures and history of the dozens of different islands make each one unique, not only in appearance and lifestyles but also what they offer to visitors. Even those within sight of one another!  We hope that the ones we showcase will provide you with the details you need in choosing your carefree holiday. 

Bahamas in the Caribbean.  – Between New Providence, which hosts the capital Nassau, Nearby Paradise Island and Grand Bahama, you will have covered the majority of the holiday resorts available. For tours, regular ferries ply between these and the larger of the 700+ islands which make up this archipelago. Paloma’s choice? Begin on Paradise Island. 

 Jamaica in the Caribbean.  – Another of Columbus’s discoveries but subsequently taken by the British, and with a total drive-time around the island of eight hours, you can easily tour the whole island based from Kingston. For more of a relaxing holiday, choose from one of our resorts showcased lower on this page. Paloma’s choice? She likes Ocho Rios. 

 Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.  –Sharing the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, one may correctly guess that this was once ruled by Spain, but with Haiti having a French Connection, the republic’s population is a mixture of African and European with a distinctly western influence.  

Browse our recommended resorts lower down the page and discover what tours are available. 

 Saint Lucia in the Caribbean . – This popular Caribbean destination has one of the highest mountains in the Lesser Antilles island group, with a host of different activities to choose from. Relaxing on its wonderful beaches or taking wild, highland walks through volcanic rain-forests: using the heart-stopping zip-lines. Paloma recommends trying some of the tours or out-at-sea adventures. 

Turks & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. – Choose from over 40 of the TCI, as the experienced travellers call them. Effectively separated between the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean, they offer a wealth of activities, including leisurely relaxing on the beaches. Position yourself near the  Columbus Passage, and keep your eyes peeled for migrating Humpback Whales, spotted Eagle Rays, Manta Rays and turtles. The passage is also home to Blue Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo. 

 Barbados in the Caribbean . – Apart from the history associated with the capital Bridgetown as a World heritage site along with its Garrison, Barbados is famed for its fabulous beaches, sugar plantations and, of course, rum. Enjoy your ‘Planters’ Punch’ in any of the many resorts we offer. Maybe in Martin’s Bay with its own rum shop, or in the Fisherman’s Pub on the Speightstown waterfront. For eating, Paloma suggests you try the national dish – cou-cou, a mixture of cornmeal and okra, accompanied by flying fish. Tours to lots of interesting places around the island make for a refreshing interlude between enjoying the sun-drenched beaches, bars and restaurants.








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