Day out from one of Paloma's cruise ports of call.

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Paloma’s blog on flights, hotel deals and cruises this week has lots to get you well on the way to arranging your holiday of a lifetime. Just click on a highlighted link.

We all have that feeling of excitement once our holiday is booked and have the dates, flight times and hotel reservations in our diaries, but apart from getting the currency sorted out, we need to arrange insurance.

If you are planning a holiday within the European Union, U.K. citizens can access medical services on holiday using a European Health Insurance Certificate (EHIC) which is provided free on application from this official government site. However, many of our offers are for holidays outside the EU so you may wish to consider separate insurance.

While there are many other travel insurance companies to choose from, Paloma’s clients who have used our offering have never complained. All ages, all medical conditions, all destinations considered – why wouldn’t you?

Don’t also forget those all-important holiday essentials by clicking here.

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DON’T FORGET about those critical holiday essentials wherever you are travelling. Make life easy, don’t delay, just deal with them today! Follow our link for competitive TRAVEL INSURANCE. Don’t waste time thinking about FOREIGN CURRENCY – order what you need and have it delivered directly to your door – fully insured. Wanting to see the sights? Then make sure you book ahead for the best CAR HIRE and deals on LOCAL TOURS. Finally browse those ‘must have’ HOLIDAY ACCESSORIES and make sure you are missing nothing for that well-deserved trip.

Whatever holiday deal you decide on, a Jet-away beach holiday or a cruise, you may require insurance. For over 60’s, insurance or for over 80’s, or for passengers with a pre-exisiting medical condition.  We suggest you visit our partner OK To Travel and see what they have to offer. Just click on this link.