Describing North America is a daunting task at best so Paloma will be showcasing those regions she has personally enjoyed and recommends. Florida, being both tropical and sub-tropical enjoys fabulous diversity of weather systems (mainly good!) and between its borders with Georgia and Alabama in the north, down through the  famous attractions of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and not forgetting the beaches in Miami, and the Everglades National Park before venturing along the Florida Keys. 

Mexico – possibly classed as Central America but worthy of note in its own right. Again, such a large country that a few words doesn’t do it any justice. However, the Toltec, Aztec and Mayan sites along with their history speak for themselves. The beaches of Acapulco and along the Yucatan peninsular attract visitors by the score but there always seems to be room to have your own piece of paradise. Back over the border into El Paso and Paloma was surprised not to see the swinging saloon doors reminiscent of old cowboy films. Moving up into the deserts of New Mexico along the Tullarosa Valley where they tested the first man-made nuclear weapon, then head up into the Hills to Cloudcroft and you are back in Walton Country – along with swinging door saloons and Wurlitzer juke-boxes. Visit the adobe capital of Sante Fe and walk beside the old railway engines before visiting Los Alamos. 

Arizona welcomes you to its charms with Meteor Crater and the Petrified Forest. Paloma especially recommends the train journey tour between Williams and the Grand Canyon – truly a day to remember. Drive over London Bridge now it adorns the main road through Lake Havasu City. See Paloma’s resort choices for more information. 

The west coast beckons and into southern California and so much to choose from. San Diego and northwards towards the grand urbanisations of Los Angeles and San Francisco, but not forgetting that California is home to Yosemite National Park, Big Bear Lake and further north, the massive Sequoia Forests and the vineyards of ther Napa Valley. If history is your ‘thing’ then Seaside in the north is where Lewis and Clarke ended their Corps of Discovery to find a river route to the Pacific after the Louisiana Purchase. Tours are available into the interior to visit Little Big Horn, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. 








North America

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