Paloma’s quiz!

The answer to last week’s quiz, Which country has a capital city which translates into ‘Good airs’ in English? This was obviously too easy and the answer ‘Buenos Aires’ brought a lot of correct answers, but we can only show the first five names on our leader board, so any new subscriber may not be shown until you move higher up the board. Don’t let Joy and Dawn have it all their own way and get your answers in.

This week’s question: Where in Britain would you find a large waterwheel and popular tourist attraction called the Laxey Wheel?

Just email your first name and answers in the subject line to  and you could be included on Paloma’s leader board.  As ever, Paloma will never use your email address for marketing or pass it on to any other organisation. Paloma and this site are fully compliant with the latest Data Protection legislation so it is totally risk-free.

For sun-worshippers, Paloma recommends you visit her accessories pages and maybe have a break and sample some of the tours she showcases provided by our partner Viator.

Happy travelling (and quizzing)! Paloma x

Winning SubscriberNumber of times correctPaloma’s comments
Joy P.ThreeDawn and Joy now in the lead and we have a new subscriber
Dawn B.Three
Justin H.TwoKeep them coming Justin.
Angela K.One
Victoria D..OneWelcome to the quiz Victoria

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